Cultivate Your Passion Come Back To NOW!

With the understanding that you are only able to be live your fullest life and truest passion when your mind, body, and heart are completely healthy.

Cultivate a connection to your body, mind and emotions through the art of Yoga Asana (psychical postures) & Meditation.

Connect with mindful breathing techniques to release stresses from the mind and body.

Creating space in the nervous system & emotional body to relax into the truth of this moment.

Pure sound vibrations from Himalayan Singing Bowls, we can feel as if the mind is adrift a calm ocean, removing the problems & stresses of daily life.

Allowing for a relaxed state of mind, mental clarity & free flow of energy throughout the body.

Facilitating healing and centring us so as to be ‘mindful’ and ‘here’ in the present moment.

With the understanding that food is the fuel for our daily life.

Create a balance and relationship with food that benefits your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Through naturopathy and the wisdom of intuitive eating find a unique balance that nourishes your body to operate at its maximum potential in each moment.

Personal Connection

  My passion and purpose in life lies within helping and sharing with others that through self empowerment and self realization one can truly connect to themselves by coming back into the present moment.

When one releases from mental, emotional and physical distress through the Art of Meditation & Yoga, connection to Sound Therapy and conscious awareness of nutritional consumption one can align with their own true passion to lead a happier and more vibrant life. 

To connect further and share about your own personal experiences, or continue to explore your own passions deeper connect below and together we can move into this moment.

Caybin Sturgess
(+64) 021 144 1223
(+64) 021 144 1223