Events & Workshops

Various Workshops, Classes and Immersions to cultivate tools for a mindful life resting in the present moment.

Additionally I am available for 1:1 sessions & consultations either in person or online, contact me for more information.

Upcoming Events

  Explore meditations, tools and skills to live life with a deeper connection to the present moment to be the fullest version of yourself.  

 ~ Monday July 20th- Monday August 30th, 2020- In Session~
~ Next Course Begins- October 12th, 2020 ~

~Online ~

Take the time to explore tools that allow you to live with more mindfulness, presence, and connection to your daily life. By developing your own daily meditation practice, create a personalised yoga sequence and learn the secrets to being your own personal chef.

~Weekly classes & discussions
~Weekly Guided meditations
~Yoga sequences & guidance to build your own practice
~ Gain knowledge around nutritional and intuitive eating
~ Receive recipes and more

A group exploration to holistic living, cultivating mindfulness and aligning with your passion.

Coming Home: 6 Week Online Course

  In an evening of relaxation we will journey through sound and breath-work in a dynamic meditation to release tension from the workweek.  

 ~ Saturday September 19th & October 3rd, 2020 ~


~Yoga Jai, Nelson ~

Unwind from your workweek and start the weekend right, feeling more energized refreshed and revitalized. Through our evening of relaxation, we will cultivate and use techniques;

~Light yoga sequence ~Breath-work awareness of breath ~Deep relaxation sound bath

One can allow their body often much needed relaxation to begin their weekend in the right way.

Rest, Refresh & Relax- Sound Healing & Breathwork Journey

5 Day Fasting Retreat

 Health and happiness are our passion, and we are so excited to share this 5 Day Retreat Experience with you.  

 ~ October 3rd – October 8th, 2020 ~

*Fully Booked*

~Kimi Ora Retreat, Kaiterteri ~

Enjoy saunas, hot tubs, daily meditation, sound healing, massage, and free time to walk on the beach, read, connect with like-minded people, or simply relax and reflect.

We look forward to welcoming you for this unique, once in a lifetime, retreat experience!

More to be Shared Coming Soon!

Currently I am living and holding space for people in New Zealand & Australia. Reach out if you wish to connect, as I am available for 1:1 session in person or online.


(+64) 0211441223

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