Cultivate a Daily Practice


~Come Back to the present moment~

~ Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd of May 2021~
10 am – 2pm each day

Yoga Jai & Caybin Sturgess feel incredibly blessed to be opening this space in the beautiful and gentle studio to bring you a 2-day Retreat. A retreat to bring you into the now, with relaxation and rest, incorporating meditation, nutrition, yoga, and sound healing.

~ Relax and revitalize your daily life~

Join this dynamic two-day workshop geared towards developing your own daily practice.

As a society, we are seeing the importance of well-being and maintaining this well-being in our every day, yet it can often be confusing where to start or how to maintain this connection with ourself. That’s why I love sharing this 2 day workshop that I’ve shared in Australia, Bali and Aotearoa over the last years.
It’s about developing your own daily practise, exploring yoga Asana postures that are suited to your body, pranayama and breathing exercises to cleanse your nervous system and help brain function, while also exploring meditation and nutrition that help sustain this wellbeing in all areas of life. I also share an ebook at the end of the weekend so these tools will stay with you, and you can integrate these practises into your daily life.

Together we will explore:
☀️ Yoga practices, and building your own daily practice
🌿 The importance of pranayama & simple breath connection
🍓 Intuitive eating and the how-to tap into your bodies wisdom
🧘🏻‍♀️ Meditation and letting go of the ‘stillness stigma
👉🏻 Each day will also include a short tea and snack break to keep you fresh and invigorated
📖 Ebook to take home, and integrate these practices into your daily life. Allowing for a deeper presence on these days.
♥️ Both days will conclude with a sound healing and yoga Nidra to allow for deep relaxation and stillness.
Why the sounds healing?

Through sound healing, we connect to various sound vibrations to re-calibrate, realign, and refocus our body, heart, and mind to aid in deeper relaxation and release of unwanted tension. Using the Tibetan method of sound healing with Singing Bowls, breath, and concentration.

All you need to do is come along, lay back, and allow the sounds to wash over you and guide you back into the present moment.

Message me to confirm your space and book in advance! Booking essential, and payment on booking to confirm your space.

Limited spaces to create a sacred space 🙏🏻

Of course, if further questions arise, please feel free to ask and I’ll be most happy to help!

With deep love & Gratitude,