Cultivate a Daily Practice


~Come Back to the present moment~
Cloud 8 & Caybin Sturgess feel incredibly blessed to be opening this space at the beautiful gardens and studio to bring you a 2-day Retreat. A retreat to bring you into the now, with relaxation and rest, incorporating meditation, nutrition, yoga, and sound healing,
A 2-day workshop exploring and cultivating the tools of intuitive eating, daily practice of mindfulness and relaxation through yoga & meditation. Whilst rewarding yourself with a sound bath each day for deep relaxation.
~ Relax and revitalize your daily life~
Unwind from your work week while developing the skills to stay balanced in your daily life! Allow yourself to be more energised, refreshed and revitalised in each moment. We will a journey through sound and breath work in dynamic meditation to release the tension from the work week, while exploring the power of nutrition to nourish your body.
Throughout this two day workshop, 4 hours each day, we will explore how to set up your own personal practice to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation in daily life.
You will gain the knowledge and tools on:
~Developing a daily practice of yoga, meditation, and pranayama (yogic breathwork)
~learn about intuitive eating and discover life-enhancing nutrition
~benefits of group connection and how to be in the now!
This will be through theoretical and practical classes. Both individual and group activities. We will conclude each day with a Tibetan Sound Bath Healing.