Sound Healing

~The One who knows the mystery of sound, knows the mysteries of the whole Universe.~
~Hazrat Inayat Khan~

Come back into balance through sound healing & align with your true self. 

Sound healing or sound therapy, or sometimes also called vibrational medicine, is a form of medicinal healing using the frequency of sound waves. This form of healing and medicine is found can be found throughout history used by many different cultures and traditions.  Recently modern science and medicine has turned its focus toward the exploration of sound healing and its profound effects on the body, heart and mind.

The science and art form of sound healing works with the knowledge that life is in a constant state of flux and all life is vibrating at various frequencies.

Through the use of Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, the human voice, shamanic drums and tuning forks, a sound healer is working to re-tune or realign the vibration of the human body to its natural rhythm. The same way we must tune an instrument to play produce music we must tune our own human instrument to play the music of life.


Benefits of Sound Healing

The indigenous traditions have understood the mysteries of sound healing for centuries, and now modern science is beginning to quantify the health benefits we can access through the art of sound healing.

1:1 Sound Massage

Book your own sound bath experience with a one on one sound massage. We will use to the Himalayan singing bowls on and around your body in a deep meditative massage. Where you need only lay down and receive the sounds washing over your being.

Using various bowls either gentle placed on the body or beside your body we work to re-tune your vibration to these various energy centers.

This style of massage is great for those wishing to:

-Cleanse physical or emotional blockages.

-Gain more energy and mental clarity.

-Find deep relaxation & restoration.

-Balance body, heart & mind.

-Come back to NOW!


Group Sound Bath

Sound baths are becoming a new trend in the wellness scene, yet are really an ancient practice. Take the time to simply connect with your breath, lay back and allow the sound waves to wash over you and guide you into a deep meditative state.

I offer various workshops, immersion and sound bath sessions throughout my travels. Check out the schedule to find planned sessions.

Alternatively message me to book a sound bath at your local studio, retreat or wellness center.

These group sessions can be an amazing way to share and heal with others.

I have been fortunate enough to share sessions in Nepal, Cambodia and Bali. With workshops and sound events planned for New Zealand & Australia.


Remote 1:1 Online Sound Healing

This si the perfect session that you can tap into from home. We will have an initial conversation for 5-10 minutes so I can intuitively guide you throughout setting your own space and atune a session catered uniquely for you, all with out you leaving your own home. Simply lay back and place your headphones in or speakers on to bring the vibrations into the room for an hour session of deep relaxation.

-Bring the elements of sound and nature into your home.

-Brief consultation to see what we can work with.

-Deep relaxation in your own home.

-Can be recorded to use later.

-Unique 1:1 session.


Relieve Stress

Through re-calibrating our vibration with the soothing sounds we re-tune or brain to cope better with stress. Whilst also replenishing brain energy with high-frequency sound.

100 % Natural

A natural method of healing, used by indigenous cultures for centuries. Sound healing relies on the knowledge that all life is vibration and through frequency alone we can re-tune our entire system

Balance Emotions

Sound Healing is also a tool for for deep emotional release. Giving space to come back into alignment with present moment and let go of the past.

Deep Meditation

Allows the mind to rest move into the Theta and Delta states of deep relaxation and Dhyana meditation. Rejuvenating the body, mind and soul. Reaching the state that Zen monks aim for in meditation.

Himalayan Singing Bowls

Sound, in its pure form, can induce the mind into a peaceful state of awareness and bring waves of pure relaxation over the body. The Tibetan Singing Bowl, an ancient form of bell has long been used as a meditation tool, and is the ideal tool healing, general wellness and encourage relaxation.

Throughout India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, China, Japan, Korea & Vietnam these bowls have been used in meditation and spiritual practice (sadhana) for centuries. The bowls are called into action throughout meditation, to induce a deep trance like meditative state, they are often struck during the chanting of mantras to emphasize certain words or signify the passing of time and transition of activity. These Himalayan bowls are also used as a healing tool in the art of Reiki to realign and balance the Chakra’s (wheels of energy in the body).

Sound Healing Session on Offer

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(+64) 021 144 1223